Ultimate Death Match: Man to Battle Lion

An Egyptian man has challenged a lion to a fight to the death in front of the pyramids on Saturday June 25th!


Sayed el Essawy, who claims to be the strongest man in Egypt, will battle a fucking lion to boost the post revolutionary Egyptian tourism industry and prove once-and-for-all that man is the most dangerous game.  He plans on using only a shield and his fists to defeat the beast.

You can see video of him on Time.com taunting the lion in a cage.  But the king of the jungle doesn’t take shit from anyone, especially a guy who looks like a reject off the Mediterranean version of the Jersey Shore. In response to his taunts for the camera the lion pee’d on him from 12 feet away, to which Essawy replied, “during the fight I will pee on you”! The lion was not afraid.

There is something totally awesome about the concept that this dumb bastard is giving this lion exactly what it wants – a chance to kill the arrogant douche bag that has been fucking with it for the last few months. But this wouldn’t be the first time this lion has sought to taste man-flesh.  2 years ago the lion, named Beautiful (even more awesome), got a taste for human blood when it tried to kill its trainer.

As for the war between man and lions, the score has not been even.  From ancient Rome to modern times, lion fights have not traditionally gone well. One of the most famous instances might be the lions of Tsavo in Kenya in 1898 who killed an estimated 135 people. Want something more recent? How about the 2005 account that a lion killed 42 midgets in a royal rumble in Cambodia.

The minster of Egyptian tourism has come out against the fight by banning it and calling it “barbaric”. No shit man! That’s why it’s fucking awesome!  All legality aside, the fight is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 25th at a secret location, the 5 month anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, where I predict PETA will officially self destruct.

As for how I think the fight will turn out? Man may be the most dangerous game but a lion is a 600 lb ball of muscle and rage with a golden fro, a mouth full of big ass teeth and 4 sets of claws. That beats a fluffy desert rat tail, brillo beard and one human fist any day.  Go lion!

So let us know your thoughts and comment below: Man vs. Lion, who wins?


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