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Chris Kelly’s “Too Many Cooks”

A horrific masterpiece. I only wish that I had discovered it by accident at 4am while channel surfing stoned — as it was intended.

Hitchhicker: Eleven

Another bizarre, yet strangely pleasing music video. Brought to you by Korean producer Hitchhiker.

Robot Dancer Will Give You Nightmares

This animatronic dancer will give you a case of the creepin’ heebie-jeebies. Thank you, cognitive dissonance.

Rap Video: Tom Hanks

We all know that Tom Hanks is awesome. He’s a legendary actor and just an all-around good human being. That’s what makes this raunchy, disrespectful, and obscene music video so hilarious; Tom Hanks doesn’t belong in it, but at the…

Sex & Video Games

No, this video isn’t about the affect of video games on your sex life. Nor is it a video about the affect of sex in video games. This is a video about video games having sex.

Gangnam Style by PSY

I love a properly ridiculous music video. This latest release from PSY checks all the boxes.

Internet Rundown: March 30, 2012

In this Internet Rundown, we discuss all things on the screen: commercials, music videos, Saturday morning cartoons, and famous flicks. We also have a funny cat photo.

More Sexually Explicit Music Videos

Okay, I know how it looks. It seems like every other post I make, it’s got to do with some kind of sexually explicit music video. But what can I say? Sometimes sexy makes the music sound better. Or maybe it’s the other way around?


This video is both safe for work, and NOT AT ALL safe for work.

Unofficial Skittles Commercial

It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means… CANDY! Let’s hope you get some Skittles this year.

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