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Dye: She’s Bad

This video by Dent de Cuir is at once beautifully mesmerizing and inexplicably horrific. Two thumbs up!

Ten Amazing Sex Tips by Stoya

“Think of your partners’ genitals as genitals. They are not tennis balls, flowers, butterflies, or meat.”

Sex & Video Games

No, this video isn’t about the affect of video games on your sex life. Nor is it a video about the affect of sex in video games. This is a video about video games having sex.

More Sexually Explicit Music Videos

Okay, I know how it looks. It seems like every other post I make, it’s got to do with some kind of sexually explicit music video. But what can I say? Sometimes sexy makes the music sound better. Or maybe it’s the other way around?


This video is both safe for work, and NOT AT ALL safe for work.

Unofficial Skittles Commercial

It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means… CANDY! Let’s hope you get some Skittles this year.

Duck Sauce’s “Big Bad Wolf”

In keeping with AOD’s tradition of sharing the most awesome/horrible music videos we can find, I present to you: Big Bad Wolf.

Obscene Pie

There’s something truly horrifying and hilarious about our traffic stats. Apparently, there is a void in cyberspace, and we’re filling it (with eels). Our top keyword term for visitors stumbling across our site using Google is *drum roll*….

Mini Skirt Showdown

I’d love to see Don Draper come up with a 1960s version of this commercial in Mad Men.

Weiner’s Predicament Comes to a Head

Here’s a shocker—in the news, we have another politician embroiled in a sexual scandal! Today, Congressman Anthony Weiner came clean, admitting that he did indeed transmit crotch shots of himself to random women on the internet. Weiner is now in…

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