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You Are What You Eat: Eating Habits of Liberals vs Conservatives

Pending your did not meet your potential new friend online and their profiled revealed their political position along with their favorite Woody Allen movie and Ayn Rand book, how do you find out their political temperature? Grab some chow!

European Double Team

2 unrelated acts of sexual deviancy came to light last week. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of the 8th largest economy in the world, California, admitted that 10 years ago he repeatedly railed his ugly-ass maid, had a kid with…

The Grandiosity of Gingrich

Newt Gingrich was already kinda a funny person.  Full of himself, famous for getting divorced and known to people well acquainted with politics as a guy who spent way too much money.  But things just keep getting better. Newt Gingrich pretty much…

It’s Official: We Should Legalize Prostitution to Settle Our Budget Problems

In Abuse of Discretion’s latest audience poll, we asked our informed and wise readership how the country should settle its budget shortfall.  Something tells me that the big-wigs in Washington won’t be turning to AOD for political or economic advice…

America! Fuck Yeah! Lessons from the Death of Osama bin Laden.

There are a number of things we can learn from the killing of Osama bin Laden by American Navy Seals on April 29th 2011. SOCIAL MEDIA IS A BITCH: It totally ruined Obama’s moment. He was all excited to come…

Internet Rundown: April 21, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we give you a cute-as-hell video of a penguin being tickled. We also discuss Donald Trump, America’s most stressful jobs, terror alert systems, and gettin’ funky.

The 4:20 Conspiracy

What is 4:20? Not, “what is it,” but what is it? It’s a magical time at which people from different life experiences gather together to celebrate life and freedom and love. It’s a time to smoke weed, man. A time to toke up with your buddy. A time to say, “fuck the Man!” and get as high as you can. Right? Wrong.

Charlie Sheen V. Maummar Kaddafi

2011 has brought us many important news stories.  From revolutions in the Middle East and earthquakes in New Zealand to food riots in Africa, the launch of Skynet on Jeopardy, and political stalemates in America, many stories have grabbed the…

Internet Rundown: March 2, 2011 (The “Animals” Issue)

What do abortion, bunnies, and blenders have in common?  I’m not sure either.  I still don’t know why Charlie Sheen is such a big deal, but these cats do. [Medium Large] Watch this melancholy teddy bear have a miserable day…

It’s Official: The Pharaohs Should Have Won the Egyptian Revolution

Last week’s audience poll concerned the recent Egyptian revolution. Abuse of Discretion readers were overwhelmingly “rooting for the pharaohs” during the 18 days in which millions of Egyptian protesters from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and religions lamented police brutality,…

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