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Dye: She’s Bad

This video by Dent de Cuir is at once beautifully mesmerizing and inexplicably horrific. Two thumbs up!

5 Music Videos Specifically Designed to Give You A Boner

There are many ways to enjoy music. Some music sounds best if listened through your favorite sex organ. Here are five music videos that were specially designed to to give you a boner.

Erecting Empires: How a Vagina full of Eels proves that Japan WILL Recover from the Most Expensive Natural Disaster Ever.

If you have a soul you’ve been taken-a-back by the post-apocalyptic state of Japan following the onslaught of natural/man-made disasters that hit northern Honshu March 11th.  Ranking at a 9.0 on the Richter Scale, the largest earthquake recorded near a…

Warning! You may find out you´re a feminist

So there’s a saying that goes: “If you’re a feminist, it’s okay to dig dicks.” That wasn’t actually a saying before; but it is now. Just because you went down on a girl in college and started not wearing a…

Sucks to be a Chick: Gender and Insults

Insults might be one of the most chauvinistic areas of language. Think about it. Sure, not all of them are, but a good amount of them are pro dude and anti chick. When someone is being pushy and overly insistent…

YouTube Trend Breakdown Pt 1: Wagner’s Epicness

Society has basically agreed that certain acts of behavior will elicit predicted responses and reactions. Girl wears low cut shirt → Attract more male attention Guy buys expensive sports car → People will look at him and he will appear…

It’s Official: You Want More Penises

The most recent Abuse of Discretion poll reveals one cold, hard truth: You want more penis talk. Our site’s first self-referencing poll concerned the phallocentricity of the site’s content, which apparently is not a problem for most viewers.  The results…

More About the P-Word

I think I am going to wait out this penis thing. I don’t know why everybody is talking about them. This week’s poll has pointed out that penis-related discussions are permeating this blog (which has been elsewhere referred to as…

The Weather According to Google

Location- Encino, California. Time- noonish, chow time.  On this morning and many others I’ll wear a jacket bearing a bit of morning chill. By lunch time the mercury has moved up quite a bit.  I typically eat my lunch outside…

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