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Duck Sauce’s “Big Bad Wolf”

In keeping with AOD’s tradition of sharing the most awesome/horrible music videos we can find, I present to you: Big Bad Wolf.

Ultimate Death Match: Man to Battle Lion

An Egyptian man has challenged a lion to a fight to the death in front of the pyramids on Saturday June 25th! Epic! Sayed el Essawy, who claims to be the strongest man in Egypt, will battle a fucking lion…

Internet Rundown: June 21, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we welcome summer with a handful of animal videos and photos. We also show you what it’s like to be a minor character in a great movie, and we explain why your mundane life will get better.

Internet Rundown: May 17, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we show you Judge Judy’s easiest case. We also discuss final exams, boobs, and Judgment Day. It’s a good week.

Romance Is Not Dead

Every so often, you hear some pointy-headed empiricist or dating commentator declare that “romance is dead.”

This video proves otherwise.

The Most Interesting Man In The World

“His words carry weight that would break a less interesting man’s jaw. He’s won trophies for his game-face alone. He bowls overhand. He is… The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

Dear AOD: Should My BF Give Gifts to Female Coworkers?

Dear AOD,
Is it right for my boyfriend to get a birthday gift for a girl he works with but barely knows? I’m a little suspicious that he’s into her or something.
— Gosh, I’m Really Leery

It’s Official: You Want More Penises

The most recent Abuse of Discretion poll reveals one cold, hard truth: You want more penis talk. Our site’s first self-referencing poll concerned the phallocentricity of the site’s content, which apparently is not a problem for most viewers.  The results…

Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Need to Lose Weight

I am sick of people telling others, “You don’t need to lose weight.”  This comment is usually in response to some form of “I want/need to lose some weight,” and although movies and sitcoms of the 80/90’s would have you…

Internet Rundown: February 25, 2011

Finally, a decent video of three men taking on fifteen hungry lions.  You’d be surprised to learn what women will give up for a sharp dressed man. [My Daily] This Venn diagram will help you keep track of Denzel Washington’s…

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