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Internet Rundown: March 30, 2012

In this Internet Rundown, we discuss all things on the screen: commercials, music videos, Saturday morning cartoons, and famous flicks. We also have a funny cat photo.

Internet Rundown: August 12, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we talk about law, computers, and real estate. I know it sounds drab, but we’ve mixed in news about zombies and dinosaurs.

Stores that Accept Cash Only: Fuck That

Apparently, there are still stores and shops that have “cash only” policies, meaning they accept only cash in exchange for their wares. This is crap.

Internet Rundown: May 17, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we show you Judge Judy’s easiest case. We also discuss final exams, boobs, and Judgment Day. It’s a good week.

Internet Rundown: April 7, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we draw your attention to two forthcoming sequels to beloved films. Among other things, we also show you why you shouldn’t friend your parents on the Facebook.

Lawyer Hires Assistant with Questionable Name

Myra C. Selby, Michigan Law School grad, former associate justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, current partner at IceMiller LLP, and below average skills in choosing assistants. The showman part of me would say, “Do you see anything unusual on…

Drinking around the world: Getting Fucked up in Moldova

While The Economist is useful for thoughtful analysis of global issues by experts, the mag also makes maps of useful things like Big Mac prices, literacy and the most important map for American frat boys; global drinking habits! GLOBAL CONSUMPTION…

To Protect and Serve…Brownies

I try my best to be law-abiding. Granted, there was that one time when I was pulled over for doing 92 in a 65 mph zone. And as if it weren’t enough that I would have to appear in court,…

Internet Rundown: March 8, 2011

An Asian boy, presumably bored with video games, finds a new hobby.  Don’t taze you, bro! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The ocean is home to the weirdest shit.  [MNN] Need a laugh?  Check out January’s…

Food for Thought: Clementines vs. Pears vs. Nectarines

The world of food can be a bewildering place.  In Food for Thought, I sort out the great grub from the execrable edibles.  I distinguish the good eggs from the bad apples, if you please. This week I tried three…

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