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Internet Rundown: August 3, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we tackle tired dogs, adulthood, and porcupettes. Read on!

Internet Rundown: June 3, 2011

This Internet Rundown is teeming with awesome videos and covers such topics as dating, lying, threats, and freak babies.

Internet Rundown: May 9, 2011 (The Language Issue)

In this Internet Rundown, we offer several great stories about the use and abuse of our lovely language. Read on to learn more about the n-word, various s-words, and how not to speak on a blind date.

“North” Is Not the Equivalent of “Up”

You’ve seen this before. You may have even done this before. Someone mentions the cardinal direction “north” and points straight up in the air, as if north is up in the sky and south is down in the earth.

It’s Official: “Boom, Roasted!” Is the Best Thing to Say After Insulting Someone

In Abuse of Discretion’s latest audience poll, we asked our readers what the best thing is to say after insulting someone. Surely, anyone who visits this site is a frequent insulter of others, so the answers to this poll are particularly reliable.

How to Bypass Site-Blocking Software

Ever since our post about website-blocking software, readers have been sending in great screenshots of Abuse of Discretion content being blocked.  I particularly enjoyed the one below, which in light of the blocked post’s message, seems ironic. Yep, feminism is…

In Defence of the Serial Comma

Letter from England: In Defence of the Oxford Comma The debate regarding use of the serial comma (aka: the terminal comma) is so clearly one-sided that it hardly needs me to spill ink on the subject. But I can’t resist: To…

What About Wagon Trucks?

You know wagon trucks? Probably Not. No one does…at first. “What trucks?” people ask.  So I remind them: wagon truck -noun 1. a compound vehicle composed of two independent parts: truck and wagon. The front is a pick-up truck, undersized…

Sucks to be a Chick: Gender and Insults

Insults might be one of the most chauvinistic areas of language. Think about it. Sure, not all of them are, but a good amount of them are pro dude and anti chick. When someone is being pushy and overly insistent…

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