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Internet Rundown: April 15, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we show you “How to Be a 20-Something” and what not to do while driving a school bus. We also discuss marijuana, taxes, cats, people pretending to be cats, beans, and sports.

The Chinese Take Over Has Begun

The take over has already begun!  Below is a link to an article by The Economist of the areas that China has left the previous world leader, the USA, in the dust.  Soon we will all be speaking Mandarin and…

Zombie Still Likes Turtles

You may have laughed when you watched this. But I wept. There is a very poignant story unfolding here. As if it weren’t horrible enough that this kid probably saw his parents eaten right before his very eyes, imagine his…

Not All Dogs Go To Heaven

You’ve been mislead. Not all dogs go to heaven. Some are immortal. They live among us everyday. Want to know how? Learn more: Only $150!

Flying Dolphins

Imagine this: You’re on a boat, cruising the seas. You kick back. The sun is warm. The breeze slight. A dewy beverage sits at your side. Everything is peachy. And then… a 600-pound dolphin jumps out of the water and…

YouTube Trend Breakdown Pt 1: Wagner’s Epicness

Society has basically agreed that certain acts of behavior will elicit predicted responses and reactions. Girl wears low cut shirt → Attract more male attention Guy buys expensive sports car → People will look at him and he will appear…

First Impressions – You’re a pretentious douche bag.

“That pretentious slut didn’t even acknowledge my presence! She’s not that hot anyways,” … and BAM … in less than half an hour, you’re porking her as she’s propped up against the graffiti-encrusted, urine-stained bathroom stall at the nearest Roy’s…

Street Fighter II – The Revenge!

One of my favorite games of all time is Street Fighter II for SNES.  I know I’m not alone in this affection as it was one of the original button smashing, combo dealing console games.  Oddly, I don’t recall even…

Internet Rundown: March 8, 2011

An Asian boy, presumably bored with video games, finds a new hobby.  Don’t taze you, bro! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The ocean is home to the weirdest shit.  [MNN] Need a laugh?  Check out January’s…

Animals With English Accents

‘ello there! Smashing day to be browsing the interwebs. Ya know what’s funnier than a yakking animal? One that talks with a bloody British accent. Which do you fancy? Live action or animated?

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