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You’ve seen these already, but you probably need to see them again.

Internet Rundown: February 8, 2013

In this Internet Rundown, we confront joy and tragedy, the cute and the not-so-cute, and llamas.

Internet Rundown: March 30, 2012

In this Internet Rundown, we discuss all things on the screen: commercials, music videos, Saturday morning cartoons, and famous flicks. We also have a funny cat photo.

Internet Rundown: September 12, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we discuss Justin Bieber, Gumby, and other quasi-mythological creatures. We also show you what the world would be like if medication ads became self-aware.

Internet Rundown: August 3, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we tackle tired dogs, adulthood, and porcupettes. Read on!

Ultimate Death Match: Man to Battle Lion

An Egyptian man has challenged a lion to a fight to the death in front of the pyramids on Saturday June 25th! Epic! Sayed el Essawy, who claims to be the strongest man in Egypt, will battle a fucking lion…

Internet Rundown: June 21, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we welcome summer with a handful of animal videos and photos. We also show you what it’s like to be a minor character in a great movie, and we explain why your mundane life will get better.

The Ostrich

If you’re like me, it can be hard to fall asleep in public places. Well, thanks to The Ostrich, you can wrap your head in a face cocoon, equipped with convenient hand pockets so they aren’t left hanging lamely — though, you’ll still look like a complete moron. There’s only one draw back…

Internet Rundown: April 21, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we give you a cute-as-hell video of a penguin being tickled. We also discuss Donald Trump, America’s most stressful jobs, terror alert systems, and gettin’ funky.

Internet Rundown: April 15, 2011

In this Internet Rundown, we show you “How to Be a 20-Something” and what not to do while driving a school bus. We also discuss marijuana, taxes, cats, people pretending to be cats, beans, and sports.

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