Internet Rundown: April 7, 2011

A sequel?

“I refuse to argue with my unborn child via facebook, I am contacting child services.”  Check out these terrific examples of why parenting and the Facebook don’t mix.  [Someecards]

Speaking of the Facebook, have you noticed that you’re only seeing updates in your News Feed from certain people lately?  Apparently the “New Facebook” only shows updates from people you’ve recently interacted with.  Here’s the fix.  [Facebook]

Here’s a witty explanation of famous “frivolous lawsuits” that aren’t frivolous whatsoever.  Yes, the McDonald’s hot coffee incident is discussed.  [Cracked]

Well, it looks like they’re making When Harry Met Sally 2.  Sorta.  Watch the trailer; it’s hilarious.  [MovieLine]

Dingus recently noted that film sequels and remakes can be disappointing.  I wonder if Bill and Ted 3 will more like Terminator 2: Judgment Day or Speed 2: Cruise Control.  [HuffPo]


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