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“He's an old Star Spirit. His name is Eldstar. He reminds me of my grandpa. He's a revered person who lives in Star Haven, way up beyond the sky. Uh...a revered star, I mean. I wonder why he's here. He should be in Star Haven. And why does he look so... dim? I can see right through him.”

This Guy Is Really Good At Riding Bikes

Danny MacAskill is really good at riding bikes but this video is also really cool because of the way it is shot. I like to imagine that he is the grown up version of the excited little boy who learned…

My Drunk Kitchen

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook… while drunk? Behold! The solution to your inebriated hunger pains, My Drunk Kitchen!

Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll… and Riding Bikes!

In this boy’s world, nothing could be more impacting than learning how to ride a bike. He has just conquered one of his life’s greatest obstacles and he is on top of the world. Nothing else matters. While basking in the glory he selflessly takes the time to share some words of wisdom. Take a moment to listen to what this boy has been able to learn during his short but productive life.

Students Document Dorm Fire, Move Party Outside

In this fast moving world of technology younger generations have embraced these modern day luxuries and have created a new culture all of their own. When a dormitory fire is turned into an online social media party we see the positive and negative outcomes of these new forms of documentation, thanks to the Onion.

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